Best 4 Lateral Movement Drills

Posted on Feb 19 2021 - 1:04pm by Dedenkotch

Developing speed and improving lateral strength are the goals of the 4 main lateral movement exercises. Soccer or basketball require excellent lateral speed control to deliver the best performance. However, many players often knowingly overlook this imperative factor. The reason behind the behavior is the hardness scale of the training. However, it requires meticulous attention to detail and the selection of the right type of training. Improving lateral quickness requires strengthening hip mobility, plyometrics, footwork, and lateral movement ability.

Working in the lateral movement is not too difficult with the right drill set. Here are the top 4 exercises you should consider working on to bring out the best in you in real time.

Side lunges: the basics beyond advanced technique

Side lunges provide the goodness of basic lunges while enhancing lateral speed. The goal of this exercise is to focus more on the lateral movement rather than leaning forward like in conventional lunges. This exercise offers an excellent workout for all muscle groups in the lower body, including quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, gastrocnemius, adductor, and soleus. The steps for correct training are

• Stand up straight

• Keep shoulder width apart in feet

• Stretch one leg out to the side

• Charge

• Put maximum body weight on the front leg

• Point your toes forward

• Repeat with the other leg

Side sled – for those who need an extra punch

Sled side dragging is a fantastic exercise for those who need an extra push. This workout focuses on increasing the muscle strength of the muscles of the lower body. Some treat it as a variation on side lunges. However, the results delivered by the drill are promising. It is also suitable for people who cannot cope with the stress of slowing down due to hip or knee problems. The steps for correct training are

• Stand up straight

• Stretch one leg to the side

• Keep your toes straight

• Pull the weight by walking sideways without changing the flexion angle or body position

• Repeat with the other leg / other side

Asterisk Lunges: Defeat fear once and for all

Asterisk lunges take the benefits of regular lunges to the next level. You need two dumbbells for the workout. This exercise is ideal for toning glutes and hams muscles. Also, this training is highly recommended to improve lateral speed. Well, the footballers are listening; conquer fear for the last time. Hit the Asterisks lunges and be the difference you deserve. The steps for correct training are

• Stand up straight

• Carry two dumbbells

• Lung as usual tilted forward, 45 ° forward, laterally, 45 ° backward and backward

Stepped Cross Side Drill – Agility Matters When You’re On The Ground

The side cross step drill improves agility, endurance and the ability to turn quickly. It is a strength training exercise with a complete focus on improving the speed of movements. This workout focuses on improving strength, endurance, and the ability to change direction with typical side-to-side movements. You need a marker or cones for the drill. The steps for correct training are

• Stand up straight

• Take a cross step

• Keep the left foot in front of the right

• Step right with the right foot in front of the left at an intersection

• Complete reps as directed.

• Take a one minute break between two sets of reps

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