Deep Indexing – Squidoo and Search Engine Indexing

Posted on Feb 20 2021 - 11:35pm by Dedenkotch

Deep linking for deep indexing has become an obsession for SEO experts and beginners. Just do a Google search on the term “deep indexing” and you will see the energy that goes into this area of ​​SEO.

To achieve deep indexing, affiliate marketers are creating multiple “internal site maps”, submitting multiple pages to search engines, adding a “popular post category” to their blogs … and so on.

Well, the great news for Squidoo Lensmasters is that Google automatically deep-indexes Squidoo lenses.

I discovered this by looking at the daily stats of each of my Squidoo lenses for several weeks. The amazing revelation is how deeply Google indexes my glasses, so not only do I get visitors looking for my main keyword, but now I get visitors looking for the most unlikely “long tail keywords.”

I know for a fact that Google is indexing all Squidoo module headings, text inside modules, video titles in YouTube modules, and links in link / list modules.

Here’s a sample of some of the long-tail keywords that search engines have used on Google, MSN, and Yahoo to find my lenses:

* develop marketing strategies for higher education

* companies that get paid to send photos

* squid – market strategy in 2008

* moss on the jungle floor

* dream story about how the world was created

* Unlimited social marketing viral videos

* affiliate website marketing step by step

* Facebook engagement marketing strategy

* free software to turn my images into movies

* biome: rainforest / animal survival

* Character of marketing of the personal Facebook page

* simultaneous editing without knowledge

* easy to remember poems about trees

* how to strategize to win a tennis match

* programs that convert your images into cartoons

* singers who sound like Eva Cassidy

* songs to sing before a tennis match

* YouTube digital bathroom hawaii

What you can do is build your Squidoo lens in a way that encourages search engines to deeply index your lens, but that’s another story! The key is to vary the keywords you use on your Squidoo lens … and this goes against conventional wisdom.

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