Democracy In Question

Posted on Feb 21 2021 - 9:03pm by Dedenkotch

The recent failure of Congress to reach an agreement that would lift millions of Americans out of despair if only temporary has been accelerated by a senator and many other members of the Republican Party. They have done so with their blatant disregard for the overwhelming majority of the public’s welfare. This is essential for a hostile takeover of democracy. When one or two people can and do hold the public hostage by eluding the will of the public, it leaves little doubt that we are no longer a democratic society.

Over the past 40 years, the government that is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people has been transformed into a group of selfish bureaucrats. These bureaucrats have shown no empathy for the public they have sworn to serve. Make no mistake, we now have a government whose own lack of communication has shattered the very framework of our democratic republic. Not only is it Congress, but in virtually every state chamber in the country we see elected officials time and again thwart the will of the majority of the public.

The documented cases in which Congress and state chambers failed to implement most public support measures have only enraged the public’s distrust of government. When the cries of the crowds continue to fall on the government’s deaf ears and when only one or two individuals can literally control the destinies of the majority of the public by blocking legislation that would alleviate much of the crisis facing millions, it is the reality of our government. today.

In the short span of 345 years after our founding, other countries have adopted the formulas of our democracy. Today, those other countries have duplicated what our founding fathers established. They, in turn, have faced an erosion of democratic principles just like we in the United States. A global wealth gap has managed to corrupt democratic principles to the extent that it only perpetuates the growing wealth gap. And this means that democracies fail to represent the majority of the public. When so much wealth is in the hands of a small minority, there is little doubt that the majority (the have-nots) are being controlled by that small minority {the haves}

Today, all over the world where there are democratic governments, too many have allowed the democratic process to evolve into a systematic withdrawal from the democratic principles that our founding fathers established. How America’s governments around the world have allowed wealth to dictate policies that have only exasperated the human crisis we all face today. It is this crisis of governments that is preventing the majority of the population from being able to achieve the return of a truly democratic government by the majority, for the majority and the majority of the citizens of their countries.

When governments act with impunity as we see today in Washington and when the public seems inaccessible to legislative policies, what recourse can society take to resolve the deadlock that prevents the majority from having their concerns resolved without the interference of the kidnapping of the Congress? most of the public will? Responding to that is the next great challenge that our society must face.

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