Mountain Climbing Tips for Beginners

Posted on Feb 19 2021 - 7:59am by Dedenkotch

Climbing is a sport suitable for those who are always looking for activities that contain a lot of adrenaline. This activity can include rock climbing, hiking, glacier crossing, camping, etc. While this sport is for everyone, a mountaineer must be patient, strong mentally and physically and must be well trained. Climbing the mountains can give you a break from the dilemmas of daily life and the breathtaking views of the mountains will make the best memories and experiences of your life. Mountaineering can be life-changing as it helps develop a person’s character by teaching them to overcome their fears. For those of you planning to have this extraordinary experience, here are some tips:

• Destination: You can perform a major climb or a minor climb. When a full climb can be achieved in a day devoid of any exceptional effort and it takes five hours to reach the top from the starting point of the hike, this is known as a minor climb. And the climb, which takes days to complete and where a lot of physical effort is required, is known as the major climb. You can decide which one to choose based on your ability and experience. In addition, you can consider the locality, the availability of drinking water sources, the view from the mountains, etc. when choosing the destination.

• Place to stay: You can decide to stay in the local resorts or camp on the spot if possible and if you find a suitable place.

• Equipment- To get started, you just need a good pair of hiking shoes, waterproof and quick-drying pants and jackets, and your trusty backpack. The amount of things to carry will eventually increase as you get more experiences. If you are planning a major climb, you may consider bringing a lightweight tent. Apart from these, essential items like food and water can also be transported.

• Personal health – Proper training and physical preparation are crucial before starting mountain climbing. Exercises are performed to prepare the leg muscles such as jogging and stair climbing. You can also train to get used to the heavy load you will need to carry up the mountain.

• Climbing buddies: essentially you have to hire a guide and you can also team up with experienced mountain climbers. This can help avoid the risks of climbing alone, which should never be done.

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