Should I Cut Down The Tree? Trees in Feng Shui

Posted on Feb 21 2021 - 12:36am by Dedenkotch

Is the tree helping or hurting me?

One of the most common questions we receive in our practice is “What should I do with my tree?

Trees are a beautiful, glorious and vital part of our planet and are an integral and respected life force in the practice of Feng Shui.

While it is true that some trees can block positive chi or even act like poison arrows, the answer is not to cut off this beautiful gift of nature, there are ways to make sure we work with the tree to ensure the best results. Killing a vital living part of nature is not the answer.

Trees act as conduits that return oxygen to us, providing us with food, shade, and the protection we need to ensure that we, in turn, do everything possible to ensure their survival if possible. Some quick tips on the tree include:

1. Cutting down trees?

Yes, sometimes trees need to be cut down. If, for example, a tree is sick, rotting and cannot be helped, it is very likely that this decaying energy reduces the level of good chi in the area and, in fact, creates disease and yin energy that can very well be transmitted to residents of the house. . If you can’t save it, cut it

2. What about the one in front of my door?

The most common tree problem in Feng Shui is when the tree is directly in front of your door. In effect, this can serve as a roadblock in terms of opportunity, prosperity, or abundance. But wait, don’t cut it! First, trim the branches to allow as much chi to circulate around them, then hang a wind chime on the tree to help guide the chi around the tree. If you’re still being considered, hang another wind chime directly over the front door, and also place a mirror or other reflective ornament next to the front door that essentially reflects the tree and its defiant energy away from your door. That should do the trick!

3. Trees for health and family

Trees are wonderful for providing health and wellness to you and your family. If you can plant large, sturdy trees in the easternmost direction of your lot to protect this aspect of your life. Pine is an ideal tree for this area as they ensure longevity.

4. Trees for protection

There are many ways that trees offer us protection. We all know that they offer shade and food. But in terms of Feng Shui, they also offer a way to block poisonous arrows so they don’t affect us. If there is something pointing directly at us from the other side of the road, the tree can be used to block that energy. Trees can also serve as something called “mountain support” in Feng Shui. The back of your house should always have something that is tall and supportive, ideally taller than your house. Fences, neighbors’ houses, and lights can offer this support, but ideally tall trees can function as strong protectors.

5 Tree for prosperity and abundance!

Just as trees can bring health and wellness, they can also bring abundance and prosperity. If you have the opportunity to plant a flowering tree on your property, the compass direction SE (the wealth area) is ideal. Trees with flowers or fruits in orange, red or purple are ideal! (Think apples, oranges, and lavender, of course!).

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